Tuesday, 26 October 2010


As i got thinking more about creating characters within my work, i started thinking about stereotypes and about how clothing, location, body language and hair/makeup can give you a certain impression of somebody. People express themselves with the way you look, without hearing someone speak you take your first impressions by the way they look be that body language, style age etc.
The model i used here is a teenager, on asking people who saw these photographs what sort of a person they thought he was the word 'thug' came up a few times. I think this reaction is based on stereotypes, he has very short hair, is wearing a 'hoody' and has a grumpy expression. Also the location he is in looks quite grungy.
Actually the perceptions couldnt be an further away from the truth, in fact he is not a thug at all and is normally always smiling, but by photographing him in this way i have managed to create a character, a stereotype through styling, expression and photography.

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