Monday, 29 November 2010

Evaluation of mini lighting project

We worked together to create these different lighting set ups and just try them out to see how well they worked. Obviously some are alot stronger than other but i think that we all learnt something from doing this mini project in the studio.
There are a few of the techniques that we could perhaps use for future projects, and know we will be able to set them up and know what effect they create much easier than before.
Overall i feel that i have learnt a bit more about lighting, how it works and what different set ups can create in terms of different effects. I think that this was a very useful exercise for me do.

Set up 6

For this set up we used a diffuser to create a softer light on the model and to avoid some of the harsh shadows created in previous set ups. The light is even but i think its a bit under exposed.

Set up 5

For this set up we had a lamp shining on one side of her face, i don really like this set up, the lighting is a bit too harsh on one side of the face, we could perhaps of used a diffuser instead of a standard lamp. Im also not keen on the background shadows.

Set up 4

For this fourth set up we used two normal lamps either side of the model and a beauty dish in front of the model, the lamps were quite a distance away from the model so they created quite a soft light on the model with much less unwanted shadows as some of the previous set ups.

Set up 3

This is the third light set up we created, this is a similar set up to the previous one. we still used the beauty dish and the polyboards but we used the white side rather than the black. I quite like this effect and this it could work well for simple portraits or beauty shots.

Set up 2

This is the second light set up we created and the image i produced with it, here i used a beauty dish and two black polyboards in a V shape. The lighting is quite harsh on her face and there are some bad shadows cast, i dont think that this test was that successful but could be tailored to work better.

Example of silhouette skills

This image is an image i took for PH2000 liverpool Biennial assignment, i included it in this blog to show how i have used this skill in further work.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Mini Lighting project - set up one

For this photograph i wanted to create a silhouette. I set up the lights behind the model along with 4 polyboards (the set up is shown in this other image). The first one that i took wasnt completely blacked out and wasnt as effective as the second where the model was completely silhouetted. I really like this effect and is something i could use in the future. The pose isnt very adventurous as its only a test shoot to try out a variety of lighting.

Interview - Niki Mullin

As part of my research I wanted to speak to somebody that has taken part in a few of these competitions so that I could find out what it is really like and what is involved. I chose to interview Niki Mullin, she Models and previously won Miss Shrewsbury and also took part in Miss England.

Interview questions

1. What competitions have you taken part in?

"I have taken part in Miss Shrewsbury which I won and Miss England"

2. What is involved in these competitions?

"It involves modeling, talking and dancing"

3. When did you first get interested in modeling/competitions?

"Back in school round year 10-11 I think"

4. Why did you decide to take part in these competitions?

"I decided to take part when I got scouted at The Clothes Show, so I just thought I would go along"

5. What preparation is involved for these competitions?

"Finding outfits (main one being a ball gown), finding a sponsor to pay for you, diet is a big thing, hair, nails, tan...sooo much is involved"

6. Why do you think so many girls choose to take part in these competitions?

"Girls want to take part because they want to model i think really, its a step into the industry. To been seen and to make contacts for further careers"

7. What did you enjoy most about participating?

" Probably the Miss England final which we had rehearsed for, for ages. In front of a massive crowd, loads of adrenaline. So Glamorous, loved it!"

8. Would you say there is a certain 'type' of person who takes part?

"Erm the type of people to take part are hot hot hot haha! No obviously they are usually very pretty girls erm alot of the girls are very competitive, they really wanted to win. But generally a good mix of divas haha"

From speaking to Niki i feel i learnt alot more about what is involved in the competition and the preparation, its not as easy as most people probably think it is. The girls put alot of work, time and effort in.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Melodie McDaniel

These images by Melodie McDaniel are something i found really interesting when looking at images of beauty queens and pageants. McDaniel documents the contestants in different situation and also different aspects of their lives, overall she gives us an insight into what it takes to be involved in these competitions. In the series she not only takes photographs during a competition she also takes portraits of them at home, and snapshots of their rooms and things to do with the competitions.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Evaluation (Beauty queen shoot)

Overall I am really happy with this shoot, I think that I have produced some really interesting portraits.

I think that using a crisp white background was the right decision for these images, I wanted to make them look like portraits that would be taken of beauty queens entering competitions. I feel that I have achieved this within these images although they are constructed.

I feel that my model (Clare Aimee Ryan) was a good choice to use for this photo shoot as she is good at taking direction and after styling had the look of a beauty queen. I styled this shoot myself and sourced dresses from friends. I am really happy with the props that I used and think that they worked well, however i would also have liked to use a bouquet and perhaps a trophy or medal. The decision on make up was made from looking at other beauty queen portraits for inspiration.

I think that these images work well technically and aesthetically and from doing this shoot i have gained ideas to improve on future shoots.
I really like the idea of studio portraits but I would also quite like to do some photographs on location related to this theme.

Beauty queen shoot - outfit 4

These are some of my favorite images from this shoot, i think that the dress works really well on the model and against the background. I am also really pleased with some of the poses used in this outfit. Again i only included some of the best images in this outfit.
I particularly like the close up head shots and the shots where the model is posed on the floor.

Beauty queen shoot - outfit 3

This is the third outfit i chose to shoot, again i tried to vary the poses and use some new ones. I quite like the close up shots inn this outfit just showing the top half of the body, they show a bit more detail of the model. I dont think that this dress is that effective so decided to try another outfit.

Beauty queen shoot - outfit 2

This is the second outfit i shot my model in, i think that the red dress contrasts really well with the white background, i also think that it suits the theme better than the first outfit.
Again i am happy with the poses, i also tried to incorporate something different by asking the model to twirl around so that the dress swung out, i quite like the way it looked although its not traditional to beauty queen portraits. Again i only included a few images that i though worked best in this outfit.

Shoot - outfit one

This is the first set of images i took on the beauty queen shoot, i think that the poses work really well as they are typical beauty queen poses. I am also happy with the props, however im not sure the dress is exactly what i am looking for, for these images.
Technically i am happy with the images and i think that the aesthetics work well. I havnt included all of the images i took, i have just included the ones that work best.