Tuesday, 26 October 2010

White background

These images are studio portraits by Richard Avedon, including one self portrait. They use a stark white background and the main focus is on the subject, i think that the ones with borders have a very different effect to the one without, the frames narrow the eye into looking at the subject. i think these portraits are very effective and work well due to the white background.

These are some examples of photographic portraits that use a white background. These images were taken by Rankin and feature a stark white background. I personally think that these portraits are really effective as the focus is on the subject, i think that using a white background was perfect for these kinds of portraits.

After doing the PH2000 induction on creating a white background in the studio and doing some research, i decided i should try it out for myself as its a useful skill to have. It is particularly effective for studio portraits.
Using two assistants we set up the umbrellas, softbox and polyboards to create the white background. we metered the background to get even light right across the background and metered the subject.
Overall i think that these images are effective, i also think that the outline of the subject is sharp. On the other hand i think that perhaps the lighting could have been more even accross the background to make it a more sharp white, this is something i will bare in mind next time when shooting on a white background, and when metering for it. I really like this effect for portrait and also think that it is quite possibly a skill i might try to use within some of my fashion photography work. I think that using the white background makes the image much more intense and often gives a stronger connection between the subject and teh camera lens.
I think this is a useful skill which i will try and maintain to use in my future work.
The majority of photographers will use a stark white background within their images at some point, particularly when doing portraits. The white background means that all the focus is on the model/sitter, therefore the pose, composition and focus must be correct, and the edges of the subject must be crisp in order for the image to work well.

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