Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Beauty queen shoot 2

After doing more research i would like to go on to produce another shoot for this brief based on the beauty queen theme.

Where as i did the previous shoot in the studio creating simple studio portraits i would like to do this photo shoot on location, i would also like to use a different model for this second shoot to show a bit of variety. This idea came predominantly from my research on Melodie McDaniel, i liked the way she photographed the girls at there homes and how she photographed their personal belongings relating to the competitions, even in their homes they still performed to the camera in a similar way to the way they did on stage during a competition.

For this second shoot i would like to photograph my model in a similar way to the way McDaniel did, i will photograph the model in a relaxed home setting. I will also photograph some 'personal belongings' relating to beauty competitions. I think that this will make an interesting collection os images.

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