Sunday, 5 December 2010

The clothes show live - Teen queen scouting stand

These photographs were just two snapshots that i took at the Clothes show live at the NEC in Birmingham on the 4th december. This is the stand for the Teen Queen competition i mentioned previously. Girls are scouted or can give their details if they want to enter, the girls are then later narrowed down to the final few who will take part. I wanted to take pictures here to try and see which kinds of girls were interested in entering, i also wanted to look at what kind of set up they had and how they were promoting it. I struggled to get close to the stand as it was very busy, and only managed to take a few pictures as you wernt supposed to photographs. The stand uses pastel colours such as pink and yellow and features the word princess, this i should imagine would entice girls to look at the stand.
The top image features a young girl looking straight on towards the camera, she looks quite young not much older than about 13 years old, she is quite fresh faced. She is filling out one of the forms to take part in the Teen Queen competition.

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