Sunday, 28 November 2010

Interview - Niki Mullin

As part of my research I wanted to speak to somebody that has taken part in a few of these competitions so that I could find out what it is really like and what is involved. I chose to interview Niki Mullin, she Models and previously won Miss Shrewsbury and also took part in Miss England.

Interview questions

1. What competitions have you taken part in?

"I have taken part in Miss Shrewsbury which I won and Miss England"

2. What is involved in these competitions?

"It involves modeling, talking and dancing"

3. When did you first get interested in modeling/competitions?

"Back in school round year 10-11 I think"

4. Why did you decide to take part in these competitions?

"I decided to take part when I got scouted at The Clothes Show, so I just thought I would go along"

5. What preparation is involved for these competitions?

"Finding outfits (main one being a ball gown), finding a sponsor to pay for you, diet is a big thing, hair, nails, tan...sooo much is involved"

6. Why do you think so many girls choose to take part in these competitions?

"Girls want to take part because they want to model i think really, its a step into the industry. To been seen and to make contacts for further careers"

7. What did you enjoy most about participating?

" Probably the Miss England final which we had rehearsed for, for ages. In front of a massive crowd, loads of adrenaline. So Glamorous, loved it!"

8. Would you say there is a certain 'type' of person who takes part?

"Erm the type of people to take part are hot hot hot haha! No obviously they are usually very pretty girls erm alot of the girls are very competitive, they really wanted to win. But generally a good mix of divas haha"

From speaking to Niki i feel i learnt alot more about what is involved in the competition and the preparation, its not as easy as most people probably think it is. The girls put alot of work, time and effort in.

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