Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Loretta Lux

These photographs are taken by Loretta Lux, they are highly constructed images which are digitally enhanced to created a really sinsiter feel. Not only are the images of childeren, but none of the childeren are smiling, they have had all detail taken out of their faces in postproduction and their face and bodies have been chaged so that they are out of proporation. This all gives the images a realy eerie aesthetic and an uneasy nature. The images dont look real even though teh original image was of a real person. Its not just the odd looking postproduction of these images that makes them look sinister but also the alientaion of the subject, particularly with them being childeren.
I think that this aesthetic is really interesting andi think that it is something i would be interested in trying within some of my fashion images.

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