Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Gregory Crewdson

These photographs by Gregory Crewdson are even more constructed than some of the other photographs in my research. To create one single Crewdson photograph tajes an incredible amound of time, everything must be perfect. I watched a video showing the way in which Crewdson worked, its incredible to see how much effort and time goes into just one of his images.
He works with an incredibly large budget so much so that he has such a large team of staff that he doesnt even have to push the button himself. He is able to close of entire roads for a significant period of time, he is even able to turn of the power supply to a given area. When you see a Crewdson image being created it looks like a film set and he is the director.
His images even look like film stills, the lighting is incredible and helps in giving the sinister feel to the images. His images are like 'a moment between moments' they are a collision between the ordinary and the strange, they give something mundane and extraprdinary edge. His images also give the suggestion of an inverted narrative.
I really like the look of Crewdson's work and although i dont have access to the budget and team of staff etc that he does i could still create narratives in a similar way to this within my work.

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