Monday, 22 November 2010

Evaluation (Beauty queen shoot)

Overall I am really happy with this shoot, I think that I have produced some really interesting portraits.

I think that using a crisp white background was the right decision for these images, I wanted to make them look like portraits that would be taken of beauty queens entering competitions. I feel that I have achieved this within these images although they are constructed.

I feel that my model (Clare Aimee Ryan) was a good choice to use for this photo shoot as she is good at taking direction and after styling had the look of a beauty queen. I styled this shoot myself and sourced dresses from friends. I am really happy with the props that I used and think that they worked well, however i would also have liked to use a bouquet and perhaps a trophy or medal. The decision on make up was made from looking at other beauty queen portraits for inspiration.

I think that these images work well technically and aesthetically and from doing this shoot i have gained ideas to improve on future shoots.
I really like the idea of studio portraits but I would also quite like to do some photographs on location related to this theme.

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